Why I Love The Door Guardian

How I Found Door Guardian
One day, before my very eyes, my 4 year old daughter put a stool by our front door, climbed up and unlocked the dead bolt.  Then she opened the door!  My wife and I do not want our little kiddos letting in strangers, or wandering out when they choose.  We immediately called a locksmith to have a second dead bolt installed “high up” where the kids can’t reach it.  The locksmith said he was glad to put in deadbolts, but instead recommended Door Guardian.  We had never heard of it.  He said they were way less expensive than a deadbolt, much easier to install, many times stronger than deadbolts, and that burglars cannot see where they are from the outside.  I decided to go for it.  Now I’m in love with Door Guardian and have 3 of them (one on each door).  Here are the top reasons:

Keeps Kids In
The Door Guardian can be installed at any height along the door frame. I had mine installed about 2 feet above the existing deadbolt.  Even with a stool or a chair, my mischievous little munchkins cannot reach it. If you have kids, this should be at the top of your “baby-proofing” list for your house. You don’t want kids letting themselves out, and you definitely don’t want them letting bad people in!

Keeps Burglars Out
This is huge.  When a burglar wants to break in, they will kick in the door at the point where the handle and deadbolt are.  With a Door Guardian, they can kick and kick, but the door will not open because it is being held securely shut at a different point on the door frame.  From the outside of the door, a burglar cannot even see what is blocking door from opening.  Especially if your Door Guardian is high up, they won’t have a clue how to get in.  They cannot kick that high.  You can find many stories on the web about failed burglaries thanks to Door Guardian.

There is a reason the Door Guardian has done so well with homeowners and landlords: It’s simple and it works great.  You can get one here:  The Door Guardian

Only a Medieval Battering Ram
Rated 12 times stronger than a deadbolt, only a special forces team with one of those battering rams will be breaking down your door.  And they would probably still have trouble because they would have to figure out how to ram the door higher up where the door guardian is holding it shut. The way it attaches to the frame, there would have to be enough force to rip off part of the door frame in order for the door to cave in.  That’s a ton of force, and very unlikely for most burglars.

Better Than a Second Dead Bolt.  Why?

  1. Because it’s many times stronger.
  2. Because unlike a keyed deadbolt, an intruder cannot see it (and thus will not try to disable it or kick at that point).
  3. Because it’s less expensive and easier to install.

Looks Great
The design of this awesome product is sleek and strong. It’ s high quality alloy that is smooth, hard, and cold. Regarding color, you can order one that matches your door knob. I have one Door Guardian in White, one in Brass, and one in Satin Nickel. I can attest that all the color choices look great. People will ask you about it, and it’s fun to show it to them (see Fun to Use below).

Door Guardian Security Lock – In Satin Nickel

Easy Installation
Compared to a dead bolt, installing Door Guardian is a piece of cake. It’s 3 screws into the door frame. For most people it takes about 5 minutes. If you have any trouble installing it once you get it, don’t be afraid to call a locksmith.  Our locksmith charges by the hour, but he estimated only 5-15 minutes for each one he installed.  It was completely worth it.  I recommend trying to install it yourself, and only call the locksmith if you hit a snag.

Sense of Security
At night before my family goes to sleep, it is my job to “shut down the house.”  This includes turning off most interior lights, turning on certain exterior lights, setting our burglar alarm, making sure the garage door is shut, and of course “locking up” all the doors.  Love walking to each door, locking it, and then flipping the Door Guardian into place.  It makes such a satisfying heavy “thunk” sound when it clacks into place.  It’s the ultimate sound and feeling of security. It is spring loaded so when you flip it over it pulls itself into the lock position – so cool!

So Should You Get One?
Yes!  I’m not the kind of person to get excited about a product.  I barely even write reviews on products.  But Door Guardian is definitely one that I wanted to write about.  Maybe because I use it and engage with it every day, and I really like it.   If you’re looking to beef up security inside your home, or baby proof your home, I highly recommend this great product!


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